Welcome to the Website for the Lodge of Peace No 3988.

On behalf of all the members of The Lodge of Peace No. 3988,  I would like to bid you a very warm welcome to our website. The lodge is based at Hoyle Court, Baildon which is in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding.

Whether you are a Freemason from our Lodge or from another, a family member, a friend or members of the general public interested to know more about Freemasonry, or this Lodge in particular. The Internet now enables everyone to visit

Masonic sites all over the globe where hopefully they find an organisation that is vibrant, enjoys playing its part in community life and supports many national and international charitable causes.  Being happy and  communicating happiness is one of the Grand Designs of Masonry. Have a look round and if you have any questions or are interested in joining the worlds largest Fraternal organisation then please feel free to get in touch using the contact us page, and someone will be in touch very soon.

W Bro Michael Astley

Worshipful Master