This was a letter that was received with regards to a recent grant made by our lodge……………..

I am writing to express our appreciation for the marvellous donation of £750 that the Scout group received from the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding in June 2017. As you know, St. Luke’s is a new group and with this donation we have been able to equip the group with equipment for camping expeditions and outdoor activities including:



Tables and chairs

Survival bags and a mountain first aid kit

Burner base camp stoves and cookware sets

An 8 man group emergency shelter

Expedition compasses

This equipment has already been used for our outdoor activities including a 48 hour camp at Bramham Park during Challenge 17 in July 2017 and our recent activity day at the Phoenix Scout Camp Morley on 9 th December. I cannot overstate the importance of the Scouts being able to take children out of their environment when they live is deprived areas such as Beeston, and this equipment will make a valuable contribution to their personal development for years to come.

 Unfortunately no Masonic representative was able to attend our event on 9 th December so I have enclosed a photo of the group together with some of the equipment that your grant has purchased on a very cold day indeed!

Please pass on our sincere thanks to all concerned.


Yours sincerely


Simon Monaghan


11 th South Leeds Scouts